Easy Steps on Installing New Floor Tiles



We have different types of floor tiles that range from ceramics to naturals stone. If you’reĀ thinking of buying or selling a home, flooring should be a factor. Most of these tiles can be effectively installed over different types of substrates including the cement board, plywood subflooring as well as the mortar base. The installation has a procedure to be followed and it includes the following.


Surface preparation


You should ensure that the surface is clean, dry and smooth for you to get the best results. You have to remove any moldings or appliances that may hinder the effective tile application. Remember to check the door jambs to be assured that there is clearance in the tiles when they are installed beneath.


Begin the layout


For you to have the perfect layout, you have to mark the center point of your place right from each wall. Ensure to make any necessary changes to ensure that there are perfect squares from the intersection. Lay your tiles from the center point in both directions. When you reach the walls, you have to cut the tiles to get the proper fit. To manage a large room easily, you have to divide it into smaller sections and the snap other additional lines that are parallel to the lines at the center. After that is done completely, you should go ahead and apply the adhesives.


Cutting the tiles as needed


You should start by carefully marking the cuts-to-be with a pencil on the surface of the tiles. The tile cutter tool is important to help you achieve diagonal or straight cuts. Ensure that you have masterful cuts that are curved using a nipper and chip away the small pieces to get the best results. There are other tools like the rod saw that are well-suited help in producing full-length curved cuts. Once you have the tiles cut into desired sizes, you can use a carborundum stone to make the sharp edges of the tiles smooth.


Time to set the tile


Once the process above has been accomplished, it is time to get prepared for the installation of the tiles. Start by installing them grid by grid from the center of the room and you have to finish each grid before starting the next. Using twisting motion, arrange the tiles one at a time to avoid them sliding into place. You have to insert spacers since all the tiles are designed to leave joints that are equal between themselves. after installing the grid, tap in the tiles using a hammer or rubber mallet to ensure that the tiles bond together. Leave them for 24 hours before you walk on them.


Grouting joints


This will be the last step which involves filling the joints to have a consolidated floor. Ensure that you prepare enough grout to be used in a 30-minute period. This is where the tile spacers are removed as you spread the grout on the surface. After the grout has been set for like twenty minutes, you should use a sponge to clean the surface to get smooth grout joints. The sponge should be rinsed regularly during the cleaning period and polish the floor with a soft cloth. Finally, let your grouted floor to have 72 hours before you heavily use it.


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